locked Strange Bug in creating a Wiki Page Title


I successfully added new pages in the wiki in our CLLSLL +Mods group. I created a new page called "Newly Diagnosed", pasted in the text I wanted, and saved the page. I went to the Pages, submenu and selected that newly created page. However, when I went to open it, the Home Page of the Group opened instead. 

I renamed the page. Pasted text, but the same thing happened. Then I created a couple of new pages with a few words of text. Those pages saved and opened as expected. I suspected the problem was with the text I pasted in. Originally the text was in RTF format. Then I pasted into Word. Then created a pdf. None of these worked.

I think I just figured it out. I wanted the name of the page to be Newly Diagnosed?.  Looks like you cannot put a question mark in the Title of the page.

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