locked Re: Ability to Bookmark Posts within the Interface


Hi All,

I've always had plans to add something like a star system, like what Gmail has. Just haven't gotten to it yet. :)


On Wed, Jul 13, 2016 at 9:36 PM, HR Tech via Groups.io <m.conway11@...> wrote:

Yes, you can bookmark via browser and these features are available via browser - not debating that. But it doesn't feel the same as doing so within the space of the interface: it’s a drag on mobile, it takes several steps instead of one click, not everyone likes/wants to sign in to their browser, even if they do sign in, not every computer they may use has same browser, they may use different browsers in different places (work vs home), bookmarks in your browser will never look/feel like the interface you are bookmarking in design-wise, many people don’t have the time or patience to organize their browser bookmarks well in to folders, many web forums (old and new generation) also have a “bookmark” feature - it’s nothing new,  maybe one simply wants to bookmark something so you can read it later and then remove the bookmark easily with one click (like facebook's "saved" section), maybe you are on mobile and you are skimming threads quickly and you just want to click one button ( as you do the "like button) on the interface so you can find that post/thread later and read it in detail and then remove it from your “saved/bookmarked” list, and again, I think that a “bookmarked" section would go very well with a “favorites” and things you’ve “liked", as well as things you follow if you aren’t an “all messages” person.


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