locked Re: Problem with Search Function

Nightowl >8#

Brian wrote:>>I doubt that there are many users who do not use message view who even know that message numbers exist. They're a weirdness as far as I'm concerned, and when I've seen reference to them in the past my reaction was, "What's that? Why not just provide the click through link."<<

Weirdness?? I hope you mean the message numbers, and not those who use them. ;)

If I didn't have the message numbers, I'd have a horrid time following and reading in here. I read, on the site, write down the message numbers, and then later, enter the message number to reply.

Sometimes I'll reply without writing a number, right then, but most of the time I don't.

And on the Yahoo group, there were a lot of others who found them important. To me, the message numbers are one of the most important features on here, I couldn't do anything as easily without them.

And like Shal, if I can't find it somehow, I look in the view source header to get it.


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