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We're revisiting a discussion long since past, and for which Mark has said he's made a decision on, but why not. I'm game. So do fig leafing only in public-archive groups. The troublemakers from your past can't get your email address from a private group unless they're in it - even from the archives. Or fig leaf only email addresses that occur as part of a quoted message header. I doubt even that's necessary because of the ellipses currently employed in top posts. These troublemakers would have to go to a whole lot of trouble, going through all the ellipses in the archives.

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On Jul 13, 2016, at 11:03 PM, Feathered Leader <featheredleader@att.net> wrote:

J wrote:>>Since I now understand the "quoting" issue, perhaps it's possible for the system to automatically mask only those email addresses that appear as part of a quoted message header. (But again: they still appear in emails, so what's really the point...)<<

The point is that an e-mail address that I didn't want out there in the public, got out there in the public because it was Quoted in it's entirety by posts in here in Beta.

The troublemakers in my past are not in my group, nor would they ever be allowed into it, so e-mail showing the full address isn't a problem. BUT, they could get the e-mail off of here and start harassing me again.

That is what is completely unacceptable for me.



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