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Nightowl >8#

Brian wrote:>>I still challenge anyone who's been using an given e-mail address for more than a couple of months to do a Google search on that address, not your name, but on that address and see what comes back. Anyone who believes that e-mail addresses don't virtually immediately "enter the wild" just by normal use is simply not paying attention.<<


The two secondary public e-mail addresses I use on Yahoo's domain show up where I expect them to.

My main e-mail address and most others on my main domain do NOT show up anywhere.

However, the one I use on here on that domain, has shown up in exactly the manner that Shal explained...being used as part of a quoted passage on groups.io. NO WHERE ELSE.

This is not something I am at all happy about, so I'm firmly with Shal. When you include a quoted message in your reply, it puts in the entire e-mail of the person quoted UNLESS you remove it, or as I did above, change how you present a quote.

I want my e-mail address hidden everywhere except e-mail, and I explicitly do not want it showing up on a public archive unmasked. I go to great lengths to protect my main domain e-mail addresses from being linked to my name because of problematic people in my past, and I've done that really well until it happened here. Not acceptable for me.

I hope I'm not to late to add my opinion, I'm still catching up in here, but this is something I feel very strongly about.


Nightowl >8#

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