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On Wed, Jul 13, 2016 at 10:00 pm, Brian Vogel wrote:

someone has to be the cultural arbiter to get the culture established.

Which is impossible if the feature currently blasts the word "Optional" at the user, the box is at the very bottom, etc. Remember my group member who left in a huff, claiming that I "couldn't" make it required and the word "optional" proved it? 

I also disagree that the archives on many groups, not all, but many, are not a mess secondary to issues that could be solved by judicious editing and moderation 

Here we actually agree. I see no need to keep all posts in the archives forever. I remove many that are trivial and just take up space, or that could potentially cause problems or confusion later. However, having been forced to disable editing in my group (as many other groups have done for similar reasons - HINT, HINT), I now feel I must minimize editing as moderator to be more "fair" and not abuse the "extra" powers I have or I risk annoying the group members. If the feature is improved in the future to the point where I feel it's usable, I'll go back to more editing of the archives as well.


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