locked New problems with edit function in test version on web

Jennifer Christian

I sent a message to my WFD group today (#13860) that I had composed in Outlook with formatting -- a bulleted list in the middle of the posting. 
When it arrived in my approval queue on Groups io, the bullets had been removed.  So I tried to use the editing function to put them in again.  First, I selected the bullets option.  What appeared was a NUMBERED list with a hollow bullet right next each number.  So, I decided, OK I'll go with a numbered list.  Then what showed up was a duplicate number beside each item (11,22,33 etc.).  So I went down the list and removed the duplicate digits.  One of them was UNremovable -- but the other wasn't.

And now that that message has posted, I see that the first line of the message is preceded by a bullet.

Yesterday, when I sent a different message to the same group, it arrived at Groups.io with one line huge -- in 24 point font. 

I am very grateful that the browser allows me to undo undo undo when my editing on Groups.io site screws up a message worse than when it arrived. 

I would love it if you could add copy / paste format buttons. 

Also, when composing a message, I wish there were a save button. Oh, now I remember, you save them automatically as drafts.  How is a user supposed to know that?


Jennifer Christian

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