locked Re: Editing a post resulting in duplicate messages to e-mail subscribers


On Wed, Jul 13, 2016 at 05:13 pm, Feathered Leader wrote:
Shal wrote:>>TThe simpler, but perhaps more painful, solution is to just live through the learning curve as members learn not to make unnecessary edits.

They will never learn. A delay is extremely distasteful to me as well. The really simple solution is to make the "reason" field required, at moderator request (a new setting). If we're quoting Shal, he also wrote this, and I agree:

I've no problem with making the field mandatory.
For me it would help with those impulse occasions where I forget to enter anything. Happens to me in the Wiki more often than messages, but pretty much the same problem.
It might also cause some members to pause and consider whether their edit was worth making  


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