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On Wed, Jul 13, 2016 at 03:54 pm, Mark Fletcher wrote:

Does Yahoo search do true partial matching of arbitrary length queries?

I don't know about "arbitrary length," but I just tried it one of the few yahoo groups I'm still in, for various words with between about 5 and 15 letters, and it did produce the matches.

What about the approximate matches? That's my main gripe. In combination with no partial matches, what we're getting is (a) no matches for strings (parts of words) that ARE actually contained in messages and on top of that, (b) matches for strings that ARE NOT contained in the search term! It's a double whammy! Is there at least the possibility of making search terms in quotation marks return only exact matches? Isn't that standard, or am I just really behind the times? Is that also a problem with the search software? Yes, maybe you either need to hire these guys or (better yet?) use different software...


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