locked Re: New test/mobile version


Just doing a cursory check so far. Trying to find something to complain about and having a *really hard time*:-) But here's what I would say so far:

1. The search still returns approximate results. For example, I did a search on the word "disabled" and also got all messages containing the word "disability." I was specifically looking for that one particular word. Even if I put it in quotation marks, I get back all the other stuff. I understand my issue is not specifically related to the new version of search, but I am taking the opportunity to bump it up because I have found it very annoying. WHY can't I get back all messages, and only all messages, containing the exact term I am looking for?

2. After collapsing, threads with only one message get no number after their titles. I think they should get a "1" to make it very clear. I realize that this, too, is not related to the new version of search (or to search at all), but rather to the way threads are displayed in general. But I find it disconcerting in the context of search (and not otherwise) not to specifically have a number displayed for every thread, even if that number is "1."

I am still trying hard to find other things to complain about. Nice job.;) 


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