The beta group welcomes your participation. When you post messages to the group, please observe these guidelines:

  • Hashtags are required for new topics. Members of this group can apply these hashtags:

    • #bug (for describing a bug in the service)
    • #meta (for suggestions about this group)
    • #misc (for topics that do not fit another hashtag)
    • #suggestion (for suggestions of improvements to the service)

      If you’re not sure which hashtag to use, apply #misc. (The descriptions are on the group’s Hashtags page as well as in the list of hashtags when you create a new topic on the group’s website. Be aware the Hashtags page lists additional hashtags that are restricted to moderator use only.)

  • All new topics are moderated. Therefore, if your message creates a new topic, expect a delay before it is posted to the group.

  • When posting bug reports (#bug hashtag), include as much detail as possible to aid Support in reproducing the issue.

  • When posting new feature requests (#suggestion hashtag), include as much detail as possible that explains why you think the feature is needed or what problem it would solve.

  • Replies to feature requests should be:

    • Polite, helpful responses pointing out existing features that already do what was requested (the original poster might not know there are other ways to accomplish what they’re asking for)
    • Polite, constructive suggestions for improvements to the original feature request
    • Polite, descriptive arguments against the feature that explain how it could actually have a negative effect

      Avoid posting negative replies such as “I wouldn’t use this” or “I don’t see how that’d be useful” or “That would cause a mess,” etc., which are not helpful to anyone. Disagreement is fine, but please keep it (a) polite and (b) focused on improving feature suggestions. Don’t just shoot down ideas. Keep in mind that everyone just wants to make the service better.

  • When replying to a particular topic, take your time: try to consolidate your thoughts in one message, and proofread the message before posting it. Please do your best to avoid sending multiple individual replies in rapid succession to include additional thoughts or to correct typos.

  • Above all (to quote noted philosopher Bill S. Preston, Esquire): "Be excellent to each other."

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