Non-functional hyperlinks 6 messages By Bruce Bowman ·
Clarify meaning of hashtag setting 'Reply only to sender' 2 messages By Andy Wedge ·
Make clear that although mods can post to locked topics, their posts are moderated if the topic is *also* marked as moderated 4 messages By J_Catlady ·
Fix working in section on hashtags wrt "moderated" 7 messages By J_Catlady ·
Multiple active welcome messages are allowed 11 messages By J_Catlady ·
Help landing page rework 4 messages By Christos Psarras ·
Billing questions 6 messages #suggestion By Bruce Bowman ·
Include new icon for closed polls 3 messages #suggestion By Andy Wedge ·
For the glossary 11 messages #suggestion By Frances ·
Include reference to Special badge 2 messages #suggestion By Andy Wedge ·
Suggestion for the less-savvy users 5 messages By Christos Psarras ·
Missing +1 email command (Like) info from the User Manual 25 messages #suggestion By Christos Psarras ·
How do I get rid of "happening now" in subject line. 3 messages #suggestion By Aliza Burton ·
Documentation on approving and rejecting members/subscriptions 8 messages By J_Catlady ·
Owners Manual #suggestion By Duane ·
Locked groups clarification 2 messages #suggestion By Andy Wedge ·
draft section correction 2 messages By Duane ·
Update manuals to include Notification badge details 4 messages #suggestion By Andy Wedge ·
Owner FAQ addition 2 messages #suggestion By Duane ·
Members manual - bouncing 2 messages #suggestion By Frances ·
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