Members Manual suggestion


PDF 28 September 2020

There is no explanation of finding messages by number.  Suggested 7.7.5:
Change from Topic to Messages (or Expanded) view, then put the message number in the little box at the top toward the right side, hit enter.  If the message doesn't happen to be at a page dividing line, it won't be at the top of the results page.  You'll need to scroll down until you see the message with the blue bar on the left (there's no indicator on the Expanded page, so you'll need to remember which number you looked for.)

Nina E

Thank you for the suggestion. I added a topic about searching for messages by number in the October 30/31 update. (The PDF is dated October 30 because that's when I made the updates and submitted them to Mark; the HTML pages in the Help Center are dated October 31 because that's when Mark published them.)

- Nina