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Nina E

I added information about the threading algorithm to both the Owners Manual and the Members Manual in the May 22 releases. (Apologies for the belated reply.)

Thanks for the feedback!

- Nina

On Thu, Apr 23, 2020 at 04:12 PM, Andy Wedge wrote:

in addition, I can't see any reference to the threading algorithm as described in the GMF Wiki



Nina E

Most of the items mentioned in this topic are incorporated as of the May 1 release of the owners manual. (Threading algorithm documentation is TBS.)

Thank you for the feedback!

- Nina


Need to add a Note: The 20 people per 24 hour limit also applies to Direct Adds,


Andy Wedge

in addition, I can't see any reference to the threading algorithm as described in the GMF Wiki




Referencing PDF updated April 17, 2020:

step 5 table
under Visibility, move headers Visibility option | Description to next pag with table.

step 6
change "...the default timezone is U.S./Canada Pacific Time (UTC-08:00)." to "...the default timezone is U.S./Canada Pacific Time (UTC-08:00 or -07:00 depending on DST)." (or something similar)

Change "Your changes will not take effect until you click that button." to "Your changes will not take effect, nor be remembered, unless you click that button."

in Tip, change "...use appropriate keywords in the first few lines of the group title..." to "use appropriate keywords in the group title..."

maybe add Note: Using this setting may result in lots of spam going into the pending (moderated) list.

Second Option, add "A copy of the original message is held online as a draft for editing and the bouce message will include a link to it."

May want to expand Note to say that Subject Tag is not automatically changed if the Groupname is changed.

Heading should be moved to next page with table.

In table, under "Delete the image on the group's home page", change to "The image is removed and replaced with the site default."

Under "Delete the icon displayed on mobile devices and on members’ Feed pages" change to "The image is removed and replaced with the site default."

Under "Active Message", some notice types don't have this check box - Direct Add, Group Guidelines, Invite, and Note To Member and must be selected when that function is used, if desired.

Under Tips, link to is broken

In table: blue B (bouncing) icon is incorrect, Moderate First icon is wrong, Not Confirmed has wrong icon, New Member Moderated has wrong icon, Owner icon is wrong.

Not Confirmed icon is wrong.

Step 2 has weird image.

Add Note: You cannot split the first message displayed on the page.  If you've elected to sort by newest first (Date), this will prevent you from splitting off the most recent message.  Clicking on Date will move it to the bottom of the page where it can be split.

Change last sentence of first paragraph to "Members who send replies via email to a locked topic receive an automatic notice that the topic is locked."

In Note, change to "In groups that have subgroups, each subgroup has the same amount of allotted storage space as its parent group."

Bullet 3, change to "Subgroup in a group: Select Usage."

The two above are because Basic groups created before January 15, 2020 may have subgroups.

Page 86 is blank

Might add Warning: Anyone with the generated email address can post to the group using it.

Last sentence, change to "...ensure that your group’s title or description include..."

Beside Member List, add (Much more extensive information than downloaded Member List.)

Need a section on downgrading a group.  Maybe change 22 to "Upgrading or Downgrading Your Group" and add subsections.

Add Note: after creating the first subgroup, there will be a delay while the DNS information is updated before the parent and subgroups are again available, typically a few minutes.

Wrong badge displayed for Not Confirmed.

Step 4, bullet 4 has the wrong badge for blue B.

As always, thanks for all the work on getting this done.