Corrections to Members Manual


Under "Responding to an invitation to join a group", the second bullet, it should say "A personal note from the group owner or moderator who sent the invitation may be included in the text of the message."

Under "Joining subgroups", second sentence, it should say "A subgroup is a group within another group and will be a subset of the members of the parent (primary) group."  Fourth sentence should say "If you join a group that has subgroups, the group’s owner or moderator will determine whether you may also be a member of any subgroups and invite or add you to them accordingly."  Add fifth sentence, "You may also be allowed to join on your own, depending on group settings."

Under "Understanding accounts" > "Overview", the Note: should say "... you will have a different account associated with each email address."

Under "Logging in to your account" > "Logging in through Facebook or Google", it should be clarified that those may need to be enabled for your account in the "Setting or changing account login elements" section under "Setting account preferences and viewing account information".  The "Setting or changing account login elements" section it should say "... select the applicable checkbox(es) ..."

Under "Setting website preferences for your account" > Set the number of items to display in lists on group web pages" there should be a Note that infinite scroll may not be usable on all page displays, such as databases and will revert to 20 items.

Under "Setting up two-factor authentication" there should be a Note that loss of the authentication code, such as when a device is reset to factory, will result in the inability to log in without contacting

I'm sure there will be more to come as I finish reading the manual.  I realize that some of these are nit-picky, but believe the manual should be as clear as possible.

I'd also like to thank Nina and Mark for doing a great job in getting all of this information gathered up and organized.  I've done similar jobs in the past and it's not an easy, nor trivial, thing to accomplish.


Nina E

Hi, Duane. These corrections and additions are in the April 17 Help Center update. Thank you for the detailed review!

- Nina


On Sat, Apr 18, 2020 at 09:43 AM, Nina E wrote:
These corrections and additions are in the April 17 Help Center update.
More suggestions, using the April 17 version of the PDF, section numbers used:

should be
All of the step-by-step instructions (insert of)

should be
[name _of_ group owner or moderator]
from [name if group owner or moderator]

add  The group owner will select a default delivery method for messages that you may opt to change.

orphan "websites" at the end.

Step 2
On the resulting Log In page, enter your email address, then click the Email me a link to log in button.

unneeded table header under Note:

under HTML: Select this editor
add Note: If you join a group that is set to Plain Text Only by the owner, your message composition window will not use the HTML editor.

incomplete  add step 4. After clicking Delete My Account you will need to type in "I understand" (without quotes) to verify deletion of the account, then click Delete My Account.

Example: text needs to move to next page with image.

Approvals needed column doesn't show for members, only owner/mods.

Individual Messages  You receive each message individually as soon as it is posted to the group. (This setting is the default.)
Need explanation (note above table?) that each group owner can set the default delivery for their group.

Also, some options may not be available, depending on group settings, i.e. Plain Digest.

Header needs moved to next page

should be
the topic is displayed with the initial message at the top of the page and replies expanded underneath it unless you have elected to use reverse date order by clicking on the Date heading.

header should be "or reply to existing messages"  (cannot reply to topic, only message)

remove section about "To reply to an existing topic on the group’s website"

add Note: If you create too many drafts, you will get a notice at the top of the page that you must delete some before more can be saved.

in Tips  AND is implied if you use more than one word in the search box.

add octothorp as a name for the symbol

change last sentence to "could be used later in topics that might be of interest to you." (remove 'not')

Shortcut, click on the date that you want an Event to start or occur.

section 3 table  Back | if you change your mind about adding an event

11.4  Check with Mark to see if access to Zoom will be removed from Basic groups after the Covid-19 pandemic as originally intended.  Add Note: if so.

step 3  should be "(nor add..."

Date "...use to select a date or it may be entered directly."
Time "...that contains 30-minute time increments or it may be entered directly."
Address "...a separate tab or window for that location only."

Note: Only those that have chosen to make their profile visible can see other members that have opted to be included in the directory.

NC badge, remove ", or after a moderator has approved the membership in a restricted group," (not true)

" changing the owner,..." add "...owner (group owner/mod only),..."

Example: should be moved to next page with image

Example: should be moved to next page with image

"if your email application automatically adds links to..." should be "if your email application automatically creates links from..."

Formatted (HTML) example: should be moved to next page with image

Some of these also apply to the Owner Manual, but I haven't been through it completely yet.


Nina E

> More suggestions, using the April 17 version of the PDF,

Hi, Duane. The May 1 release incorporates those suggestions.

Thank you, as always, for the feedback!

- Nina