Identity vs Profile


Liking the new help center!
I was referring a new user to the help center for profile info and trying to explain “account” vs “group”. 

In the Account the left menu shows “Identity” which brings up all our account and group profiles.
In our groups, we need to go to Subscription to find our profile. 

I know to do a word search for “profile” in the Help manual and work up from that to see where it might live and how to get their. But if I am a new user and don’t know what I am looking for I wouldn’t know what keyword to search for. “Profile” and “Identity” don’t show up in the clickables which otherwise might prompt me. Plus I don’t see a search box - maybe because I’m on an iPad?

For new users, especially those who are not really computer savvy, I think the identity, profile and security information needs to be addressed earlier in the flow and also the “Understanding accounts”  be changed to “Understanding Your Account”.


Chris Jones

On Wed, Apr 8, 2020 at 11:09 PM, Patti Woodbury wrote:
also the “Understanding accounts”  be changed to “Understanding Your Account”.
Definitely! It might seem to be a trivial change (and you might find that a lot of such apparently "trivial" requests turn up from time to time) but subtle differences in words used can make a tremendous difference to peoples' understanding of what is being said.