Bill Hazel

According to the PDF on page 2, we are directed to "See the Glossary for a list of common terms used in and their definitions." but to actually view it requires access to a Google Docs account.

It would seem that this should be readily available to every member of

I looked at the beta wiki and the "Help" at the top of the page, the 2 places I would most expect to find it (I also looked at the webpage but it didn't have a wiki) I also checked GMF wiki with zero result but that isn't "Official" anyway.

Is the Glossary the same as Definitions on the "help" page? If so, one of the titles could be changed so the same thing is always called the same thing - a wayfinding technique I learned over 10 years ago at Boeing.


Nina E

Hi, Bill. As I mentioned in another post, I'm using Google Docs to write the documentation. I put the glossary in a document of its own to avoid duplicating it in both the owners/moderators reference doc and the members/reference doc, but then I discovered that linking between Google Docs is...less than ideal. :-(  Rest assured that Google Docs will NOT be the final repository for the official documentation. Mark and I (but mostly Mark :-) ) will work on how best to publish the documentation in PDF and online/HTML form such that the links will work.

I'm using the current help as well as a lot of info from GMF (especially the wiki) and Beta as resources for the content in the documentation, so you will see some duplication for a while. By the way, huge thanks to all of you who have contributed to those resources over the years!

- Nina