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On 5/21/20 9:26 AM, Duane wrote:
On Sat, May 16, 2020 at 08:07 AM, Duane wrote:
Header (Joining a group by email) has a bunch of links attached.

[groupname] has a link (
In case anyone else notices this, there's a Preference in Acrobat that makes these appear because there are implied Mailto: addresses seen and it's linkifying them.  General, Basic Tools, "Create links from URLs" can be turned off if it bothers you.  Acrobat remembers from session to session, so it won't create links on other documents either.  Unfortunately, there's no way to set it on or off for a specific document.


I publish and securely distribute via PDF a members' directory for our organization that includes members' e-mail addresses that are intentionally "linkified." There is also a section that describes our online activities, with subscription links to our main announcements group and various subgroups. When I first started doing this, I discovered an idiosyncrasy in the way MS Word generates these PDF links. The plus sign (+) in an e-mail address causes the text preceding the plus sign to be omitted. So becomes

I figured out a workaround for this problem, which may be of help to Nina and/or Mark, even if they are not using Word for the Help Center documents. There may be analogous functionality in their editor. When an e-mail address contains a plus sign, I enter the address as Since I don't want the text "mailto:" to appear in the PDF, I set the font color for that string to white, which becomes invisible on a white background.

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