Additional Member Manual Suggestions


Based on PDF dated May 15, 2020

I believe the information pages, currently numbered 9-85, should be renumbered 1-77, while leaving the previous numbers as i-viii.  This would follow a more standard method of numbering pages.  Acrobat handles this by showing the defined page number as well as the overall page number.

Header (Joining a group by email) has a bunch of links attached.

[groupname] has a link (

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From the directory, you can send an email to another member. Limited to 2 per day to a specific person, 10 per day total per group. (ref

Where it says "changing the owner (owners or moderators only)," is currently incorrect due to a bug,  The member that uploaded the photo can change ownership to someone else.

Header has extra spaces before "Deleting Albums".

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