documentation of filesize limitation

Jay Elvove

I looked at all three PDF manuals today and couldn't find a reference in any of them to an actual size limitation when uploading files to  I was looking for an actual number, because when I tried unsuccessfully to copy a 250mb zip archive containing over 80 individual files (mostly PDFs and JPGs) documenting the history of our neighborhood, I received an error stating that the file was too large.  The error message actually appeared at the end of the transfer once the file had actually been processed, not in the beginning when attempting the upload.  As a result, I waited, and it turns out also wasted, several minutes assuming that the upload would complete successfully.

I put in a support request, and I was informed that individual files cannot exceed approximately 100mb.  This figure should be included prominently in your documentation.  It was frustrating to be unable to find the number easily, and there seems to be a lot of confusion about it on the support forums as well.  Also -- and this is a comment, not a documentation issue -- in my opinion, that number is way too small by today's standards.  We are currently paying for significantly more storage than that, and I would request that seriously consider significantly increasing this limit.

I look forward to seeing both a change in documentation to reflect the filesize limitation and, hopefully, a significant increase in that size limit.

Despite all this, I'm a big fan of, which is why I took the time to document the issue in the first place.

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