Re: 2FA recovery inconsistent on site and in manual


On Sat, Apr 18, 2020 at 2:44 PM Christopher Warrington <lists@...> wrote:

The member manual and the Two-Factor Authentication account settings page
page do not agree on whether accounts with 2FA are recoverable or not. This
is leading to some confusion about whether a group owner should recommend
that one if their members who has lost their 2FA device needs to create a
new account or needs to contact support.

In the member manual under "Setting up two-factor authentication" [1], says
that can help recover an account:

> Note: If the authentication code is lost (for example, if a device is
> reset to factory settings), you will need to contact Support to
> be able to log in.

Yes, via support, we can disable two factor authentication for people who did not save their backup codes and who can no longer authenticate. 

Nina, can you update the manual?


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