2FA recovery inconsistent on site and in manual

Christopher Warrington

The member manual and the Two-Factor Authentication account settings page
page do not agree on whether accounts with 2FA are recoverable or not. This
is leading to some confusion about whether a group owner should recommend
that one if their members who has lost their 2FA device needs to create a
new account or needs to contact support.

In the member manual under "Setting up two-factor authentication" [1], says
that support@groups.io can help recover an account:

Note: If the authentication code is lost (for example, if a device is
reset to factory settings), you will need to contact Groups.io Support to
be able to log in.
Contrast this with the Two-Factor Authentication account settings page [2]:

Groups.io Support cannot restore access to accounts with two-factor
authentication enabled for security reasons. Saving your recovery codes in
a safe place can help keep you from being locked out of your account.
Hat tip to Chris Jones on GMF for noticing this. [3]

[1]: https://groups.io/helpcenter/membersmanual/1/understanding-groups-io-accounts/setting-account-preferences-and-viewing-account-information
[2]: https://groups.io/account?page=security
[3]: https://groups.io/g/GroupManagersForum/message/31223

Christopher W. <lists@cw.codes>

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