FAQ URL malfunction

West Coast CompaƱeros Staff

In the Groups.io Help Center FAQ section (both in the PDF and the web-page version) there is a URL that does not go to the intended page. In the Group member FAQ, in the answer to the second question ("I am not receiving email messages . . ."), the URL is intended to point to the Recent Bounces page under the member's Account section. Instead, it goes to the top-level Account page.

The URL is https://groups.io/account?page=bounces, which breaks over into a second line. (I thought at first that the line break might be breaking the URL, but that seems to be a red herring.) That URL points correctly to the Recent Bounces page. When hovering over the URL, however, the equal sign is displayed as %253D, which seems to be the equivalent of the equal sign for CGI. In my browsers on my Mac laptop, that URL is misdirected to the Account page.

It would be helpful if someone else could verify what I'm reporting. It may be a Mac thing. In any case, I think the problem would go away if the source document were edited so that the URL used the equal sign (=} itself rather than the %253D encoding. Also, introducing the line break before the URL would be a cosmetic improvement.

Robert R.

MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015)

macOS Mojave version 10.4.6
Firefox Version 75.0 / Google Chrome Version 81.0
iPhone XR 64 GB
iOS 13.4

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