Re: Help Center is complete

West Coast CompaƱeros Staff

On 4/8/20 12:10 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
The new Help Center is complete and 'live'; all links to the old help section now point to the new Help Center. The manuals are all complete.

Please let me know if you see any issues or have suggestions for improvements.


Congratulations to all those involved in this major accomplishment.

The PDFs for both the Members Manual and the Owners Manual are downloaded with the filename index.pdf. I have been renaming them myself as Groups.io_Members_Manual.pdf and Groups.io_Owners_Manual.pdf to avoid confusion. I suggest that the PDFs be renamed to something similar to make it easier to distinguish them when they are downloaded.

Also, for the sake of consistency, it would be helpful to use these same names as they are on their respective title pages ( Members Manual and Owners Manual) when referring to them on the Help Center web page.

Robert R.

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