Re: Updates

John Wirtz SF



Thanks for all your hard work and I have just successfully started a new group which was originally on “egroups”.  Remember those? The previous group was with Yahoo and has fallen into complete dysfunctionality.


I have some suggestions re improvements but you might be working on such things.  Is there a site /system development plan moderators can look at to save posting messages about things you are already working on.

My requests are fairly minor but concern the management of member lists more efficiently than is currently possible.


Keep us posted.


Best regards


John Wirtz


From: <> On Behalf Of Mark Fletcher
Sent: 01 April 2020 17:36
Subject: [docs] Updates


Hi All,


I've updated the help center. It now has the completed Owners Manual, as well as the FAQ and the very much still work in progress Members Manual.




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