Group Owners Manual: hyperlink goes to the wrong place #bug

Andy I

This is relatively minor:

I'm using the Group Owners Manual (the single-page online version).  I followed a hyperlink that I think directs to the (somewhat) wrong place.  In the Owners Manual:

  Managing group topics and messages
  > Handling pending messages
    > Handling pending messages on the group's website
      > the first table with Button ... Action columns
        > the Button = Edit row

It says, "Note: This action also claims the message. For more information, see Working with claimed pending messages below."  The part in blue is a hyperlink.  Clicking that link does not bring you down to "Working with claimed pending messages below".  Instead, it jumps up to "Handling pending messages".  It doesn't jump up very far, but it is confusing that it goes backwards, and not to the section it says it's going to.

Examining the hyperlink, I guess the hyperlink does not have enough granularity to allow it to jump to the sub-section about "Working with claimed pending messages".  Is it doing the right thing by jumping to "Handling pending messages" (where we already are)?  Or should it have jumped to the sub-section about "Working with claimed pending messages" which was the title of the hyperlink?  In other words, is it not a bug and I am just expecting too much granularity?

I think there are other cases like this too.  Also the same hyperlink appears in more than one place.


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