Re: Phishing emails #suggestion

Marv Waschke

I think a notice like this is a good idea. I've seen "security by obscurity" fail too many times. The size some groups is an opportunity for a clever phishing exploit. However, Bruce raises a good point: does solicit.clicks on email links legitimately and therefore the wording of the notice has to provide users some clues on how to identify legitimate notices.

I suggest something like this: sends email messages asking you to confirm or reinstate your account by clicking a link in response to events such as inadvertently classifying messages as spam. Good cyber-hygiene is to avoid clicking on links in email if you are not certain that the link is legitimate. Most browsers and email tools will display the link url in the lower left-hand corner. A good practice is to examine the url. If it is not from, don't click on the link. It could be a phishing attempt.

Best, Marv

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