Recipient clarification on the "Locked Topic Notice" paragraph #suggestion


Hi Nina,

There was some confusion on my part regarding this notice (see, I thought it was the notice sent to a poster trying to post to a locked topic but it's an FYI group notice after all.  One thing that contributed to the confusion is that the owner's manual, unlike for some of the other notices in that same section, doesn't explicitly mention in the "Locked Topic notice" paragraph that this notice is a "group" notice and gets sent to the group and not to any poster who tries to reply.  It is mentioned in the two later sections, "Locking topics" and "Editing the properties of topics in the archive", but those two come further down in the manual so if one reads just the
"Locked Topic notice" section they can miss that bit.

In that same Notices section, other notices explicitly state the recipient, such as the Monthly Reminder Notice:
This notice can be sent to the group automatically every month.

So just adding that same bit would clarify this, as the way it is worded now without it is ambiguous:
This notice can be sent automatically to the group at the time a topic is locked.


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