Re: Changing a subscribed email address

Chris Jones

On Fri, Dec 31, 2021 at 05:05 PM, Malcolm Austen wrote:
The Member's Manual does not have an Index. It has a Table of Contents but not an Index.
That is a very fair point, but my argument that Setting account preferences and viewing account information is opaque still stands. (As an aside one of the variants of each type of manual is listed as "Indexed", which is now doubtless something of a misnomer. It contains the same information but is differently formatted.)

Additionally, I am slightly puzzled why Merge accounts should be in the ToC while Change email is not.

The constant changes to the manuals would probably make an Index unworkable.

That certainly would be true is every appearance of a term was indexed, but need not be for "top level" use, e.g. Change email address.


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