Re: Changing a subscribed email address

Chris Jones

On Thu, Dec 30, 2021 at 11:03 PM, I wrote:
I will not spend time now raising the matter - it can wait until tomorrow.
It is now well and truly "tomorrow, so here goes...

Earlier in this thread I wrote if someone searches the Members Manual for Change email then they will find the answer straight away and that is of course true, but one place where the term won't be found is in the Index! Changing the email address of an Account is just one of the points explained under the "Index Entry" of Setting account preferences and viewing account information. Now IMHO that is almost completely opaque as a means of telling members what is actually in there; to put it another way the inevitable consequence of an electronic search not finding "change email" in the Index is that a member doing a visual search of the Index will find nothing that relates directly to changing an account email address, and I can see that might (would?) be deeply frustrating for anyone trying it.

Perhaps Lynne's original point might be rewritten as "Change email address is not listed in the Index and it would help if it was". If that is a reasonable summary of what is required then I would definitely agree with it. A quick and easy fix might be to add an idented line under the existing index entry (or more correctly entries) thus:

Setting account preferences and viewing account information
          (Includes how to change the email address associated with an Account)

I have used the "on line" version in this example; the pdf version would be similar. The indented line would not necessarily need to be linked, although it might help. 

I am still of the view that weakening the direct relationship between an Account and its email address by seeming to shift the relationship to one of a Membership (or Subscription) and an email address would not be the right thing to do.


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