Re: Multiple active welcome messages are allowed


Hi Nina,

Sure, I understand, no problem whatsoever.


On 2021-10-10 10:34, Nina E via wrote:

Thanks, Christos. I asked Mark about the order in which multiple Welcome (or Monthly Reminder) notices are sent, and whether it’s possible to control it, and he told me what I put in the Welcome notice topic and the Monthly Reminder topic, namely, “…the system sends them all at the same time (within the same second or two). Due to the vagaries of email delivery, there is no way to guarantee the order in which multiple notices are delivered.” So I’m hesitant to include the tip you suggest because it might not happen in every case.


- Nina


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I don't know if Mark wants to include this in there as a note, but for those who have or want to use multiple welcome notices and want to control the order those are emailed out they can do so by selectively updating/saving those notices, as they are emailed oldest to newest, or same order shown onscreen if you sort on Updated ascending.


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