Re: Owners Manual #suggestion

Nina E

On Sun, Aug 22, 2021 at 09:28 AM, Duane wrote:
Hi Nina,

Hope you're enjoying your travels.  When you get back (and have recovered ;>), I have a couple of additions that may be useful.

1.  I don't see an explanation/example of the Moderator Edited badge on the Pending Messages page.  This only shows up if a moderator edits a message and Saves without approving.  In this situation, there's also an Undo button added to the status line next to the badges.  Probably best added to the section on "Handling pending messages" of the manual.

2.  The addition of an explanation of the "User status" in the "Downloading your group’s member list" as noted in

I had a great trip, thanks!

The Moderator Edited badge is now documented in the Owners Manual and Members Manual (under Additional information > Member badges and topic icons > Topic icons). While I was at it, I added the Claimed by badge, which I suddenly realized was not included in the list (I also added that badge to the list of member badges because it can show up for pending members).

I'll work on documenting the Undo button and the User status column in downloaded member lists for a future doc release. I didn't have time to get to those this week.

Thank you for the suggestions.

- Nina

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