Re: Missing +1 email command (Like) info from the User Manual #suggestion


Hi Nina,

Awesome!  It works great!

I do have a (pedantic?) suggestion though, I'd personally enhance this:

... +1 or the word like as the text of your reply...


... +1 or the word like as the only or first line text of your reply...

The only reason I suggest that is to head-off anyone possibly inserting the +1/Like into any other position, which I don't know if it would work; I didn't test that but I suspect it probably won't*.  When I did my two like reply tests, I did not trim the quoted text (on purpose) but I did place the +1/Like at the top.  Someone may insert a +1/Like under a specific paragraph to indicate they like that part resulting in an unwanted message posted to the group, you never know.

* just as I was getting ready to click Send on this reply, it just occurred to me, I can use this reply to test if it works in any other position, hence these two lines:



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