Re: Documentation on approving and rejecting members/subscriptions


I think that in this case, as well as possibly some (even many) others, the word "handling" as the beginning of a section title is less than descriptive and could be more specific. Many sections' titles start with the word "handling." In this case, I was searching the document for "approving" or "rejecting" and only found titles containing those for messages, not members. Even if the word "handling" were removed from many of these sections, if would be easier to find what you're looking for - e.g., just "pending members" (or "subscriptions" - again, this is inconsistent and somewhat confusing in titles, when one is searching) instead of "handling pending members." Because the fact that you are "handling x, y, or z is a given. The word "handling" doesn't add any information.

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Thanks, Duane.

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1. I can't find a section about rejecting a membership/subscription - in particular, the 14-day drop-off.
That's covered in under the Overview section, specifically the Note: area.  It also covers approving, rejecting, and claiming.


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