Documentation on approving and rejecting members/subscriptions


1. I can't find a section about rejecting a membership/subscription - in particular, the 14-day drop-off. I was about to report a bug because the 14-day limit didn't cause the pending member to be deleted. Then I thought, "Maybe it's because I claimed the pending member." So decided to look in the docs, but found nothing in general about approving or rejecting pending members/subscriptions. So now I'm wondering whether the 14-day thing even applies or if I just imagined it, etc. etc. etc. Should be some documentation on approving/rejecting pending members/subscriptions. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place?

2. In the above I kept feeling that I had to write "members/subscriptions," because the terminology in the docs is inconsistent. There's a section called "removed member" and a section called "rejected subscription." I was looking for "rejected member." I would like to see use of "subscription" vs. "member" or "membership" be more consistent.

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