Re: Overall style points



Maybe this is my ignorance talking, but what style inconsistencies are
there in the doc right now?
I haven't really paid attention to that, but Nina's earlier reply to me made me wince:

5) For the PDF pay attention to page breaks.
For sure. I'm waiting until the final draft, so I don't have to redo
too many. :-)
It implies to me manual insertion of page breaks, and that never ends well.

I don't know what formatting Google Docs is capable of but you really want marking for conditional page breaks (such as Word's "Keep with next" style option) so that the page breaks are only present where needed. You may need to add a few at each "final" draft, but you never need to re-do the ones you've done.

And yes, I throw scare quotes on the word "final", as I expect the site and its manual to continue evolving.


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