Members manual - bouncing #suggestion


There is little information in the members manual about bouncing.
It would be useful to have the message emailed to a member (the bounce probe) and a brief note about what the member has to do. 
Also about the red banner when the member logs in.
Unfortunately hard to test!

But right now, there is little about it - just about checking your subscription.
Checking recent email bounces


If your group subscription is set to receive group messages by email, but you are not receiving any group messages, you can check whether your account is bouncing:

  1. Display your Account page.
  2. In the left navigation menu, select Recent Bounces
  3. Review the Recent Bounces page to see whether any messages are listed there and, if so, what the associated error messages are.
As a group owner, I would find more detailed instructions in group help so I could refer members to it.


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