Send Confirmation Email button not found #bug

Jim Wilson

Per the Owners Manual at

Members who have not yet responded to the confirmation email message sent by are marked with a Not Confirmed  badge in the member list.

In Premium or Enterprise groups, moderators can confirm members directly. That feature is not available in Basic groups. In a Basic group, you can send another confirmation email message to a Not Confirmed member and hope that they respond to it:

  1. Display the member list.
  2. Click in the row of the member who has a Not Confirmed badge to display that member’s individual page.
  3. Go to the bottom of that page and click the Send Confirmation Email button.

As owner of a Premium group, I seem to recall the "✔ Confirm" button merely confirms the user manually.

Even if I choose "Send Message," I do not see a "Send Confirmation Email" button or option for a pending subscriber anywhere:

Nor do I see the option for two existing members who apparently were never "confirmed" previously:

Is this a bug? Or, if I choose "Send Message" to request their reply and they actually reply to that message, will the  then be cleared?


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