Re: "P" badge title clarification suggestion


It would not be “additional” if called “All Posts Allowed” instead of “Posting Always Allowed.” It may not be parallel syntax with the other badge explanations (I haven’t checked) but for me, Posting Always Allowed does nothing to clarify beyond Can Post. I would still think, “Huh, what are they talking about? This group is unmoderated anyway.” My two cents. 

It’s even fewer letters. :-)

On Feb 6, 2021, at 7:40 AM, Nina E <nina.eppes@...> wrote:

I think additional explanatory info about all the “Override” member moderation settings could go in the Moderating individual members topic, with links to it from the Member badges topic. I didn’t have time to do that this week, so I’ll put it on my list for a future update.


Thank you for the suggestions!


- Nina


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< ... is she done??? maybe I should wait before repl>



You're right I missed the explain bit.  Here's a couple of possibilities:

Explain and point to the setting:

Posting Always Allowed      The member can post without moderation even in a moderated topic. (Override: not moderated)

or keep it closer to the existing text, point to the setting, then add explain qualifier:

Posting Always Allowed      The member’s posting privilege is set to Override: not moderated. (even in a moderated topic)
(or fully-sentenced, "not moderated, even in a moderated topic.")

Either way, it should be crystal and crystal clear now.  Good catch!


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