Member Badges #suggestion

Chris Jones

Nina. The Owners Manual has a section about Member Badges with a list in 34.4.1 in the pdf version.

However, there are two badges not listed although strictly speaking they refer to non - members rather than members. Both appear if a group is set to allow non - member posts; those posts are always moderated and the first badge, NM appears against the non - member's email address when in the Pending List. When the message is selected for review prior to acceptance or rejection the NM is expanded to read Non Member

Could these be added to the list please? I can see that "Member Badges" might not be the best place for badges relevant to non members so it may be that the section about non - member posts might be a better place for them. (In which case a "see also" at the bottom of the member badge table might be helpful)

The badges used to be blue but at my suggestion Mark has just changed them to red; I have held off making the request for their inclusion until Mark had the time to respond to my request one way or another, and he has now done that. :)


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