Re: Overall style points

Marv Waschke

I'll second "adopt a style guide and stick to it." I also prefer the IBM guide, but following the guide consistently is much more important than the guide chosen. As much as you can, embody the style guide in a word processing template. I've worked on many industry standards groups (including a few OASIS groups) and a well-wrought template saves a tremendous amount of error-prone and tedious work when enforcing consistency and adjusting appearance to suit different media. I haven't used Google Docs much, so I don't know its capabilities, but Msft Word styles are so useful, they are the reason I use Word. I even remove the font, size, bold, etc. section from my Word ribbon so I am never tempted to change appearance without changing the style.

I am not a big fan of elaborate numbering systems in living documents. As sections are added, deleted, and moved around, references to the numbers tend to get stale, i.e. wrong. I prefer hyperlink xrefs that are more durable as the doc changes. Numbers look nice, but I've been misled by them too often to like them.

The doc itself looks very good to me. Good work! Keep it up.

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