Re: Add information on result of banning a domain #suggestion

Nina E

The Banning domains from a group topic in the Owners Manual now contains a note about what someone who’s not logged in and who tries to join a group from a banned domain sees (a notice that states “You are not allowed to subscribe to the group with that domain”).


Thanks for the feedback!


- Nina


From: <> On Behalf Of J_Catlady
Sent: Saturday, January 16, 2021 2:38 PM
Subject: [docs] Add information on result of banning a domain #suggestion


The help page on banning domains specifies how to ban a domain but it gives no information on the result (error message? whatever) on the side of the user from the banned domain. It would be helpful to add this info because it's very difficult to test to find out.

This morning someone from a banned domain tried to apply to my group, which I found out through the log. His email address had also been banned, but he evidently was not logged in at the time he tried to apply, so he was able to see and click on the Apply for Membership in This Group button. I know that had he been logged in, the button simply would not have appeared and he would have been unable to apply. What I would like to know is what kind of error message he received, if any, after the system recognized that his domain was banned and logged his failed attempt. I know that it must have sent him something, since right after his attempt he emailed me privately to beg for admission to the group. This does not seem to be documented.

Meanwhile, can anyone here tell me the answer? If an email address from a banned domain applies for membership in a group, what do they receive?



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