Re: Creating Events suggestion

Nina E

In the Members Manual > 10 Working with calendars > 10.3 Adding calendar events, I revised step 3 to include a table describing the items on the Event page.


Thank you for the feedback!


- Nina


From: <> On Behalf Of Duane
Sent: Monday, January 11, 2021 9:05 AM
Subject: [docs] Creating Events suggestion


In section 10.3 of the Members Manual, adding events, there needs to be more information about the options included near the bottom.  This suggestion is the result of some confusion (on GMF) about what those items do.  For example:

The "Add Reminder" button will allow you to send a reminder to the group before the event occurs (with the hashtag #cal-reminder.)  Once the button is clicked, several options will appear for you to adjust for how far in advance this will happen.  [Unless/until it's changed (#bug filed on beta), a word of caution may be needed here.  It's currently possible to set a negative time for the reminder, say -5 minutes, so the reminder would be sent 5 minutes after the event starts!]

The checkbox at the bottom for "Send Notice To Group When Event Happens (tagged with #cal-notice)" will cause an email to be sent at the time the event occurs.


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