Re: Suggestion: Add instructions on how to recover from change-email-addy typos


Hi Nina,

On Sat, Nov 21, 2020 at 08:45 AM, Nina E wrote:
Here’s hoping that the confirmation popup helps prevent such errors, but no doubt they will still happen. I’ll include the recovery info in the next update.
Thanks for that and here's an update on that section.  In the course of researching something else (see my previous docs message) I came across another way that a user can recover from a typo email change account condition.  Because of the way that part of the code currently works, the email address is changed on the database before the confirmation link is clicked, so the new typo-ed address now shows in the groups (albeit it goes to blue bouncing status right away).  So, if someone cannot use the other ways to recover their account, if they are a member of a Premium/Ent group and they can get in touch with an admin, the admin can reset their typo address back to normal, using that premium+ Change-Member's-Email-Address feature.

Not sure if we want to also include this option due to any possible code changes in that particular email-change process, but based on how the code currently works, it is another option.


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