Suggestion: Clarify the Premium/Ent member management options - Editing members’ email addresses section


Hi Nina and Happy New Year!

Please refer to the GMF thread that brought this up for more info,

That section can use a bit of fine-tuning as it has a bit of ambiguity.  It states "This action changes the email address for the member’s account, which will affect all other group subscriptions they have at this address. It is functionally equivalent to the member changing the address in their own account."  The second sentence is technically correct but also technically-incorrect, as when the member changes their address themselves, if they enter an existing address as the new address they are presented with the opportunity to merge their accounts, whereas in this case (done though the group feature) it doesn't allow it, the new address entered has to be unique (as far as GIO's database is concerned) and an attempt to use an existing one will return a non-unique address error.

Some clarification in that section somewhere would be helpful, i.e. that merge functionality is not supported, only change to a new unique address; maybe rephrase that part to "It is functionally equivalent* to the member themselves changing the address in their own account. (* albeit merging-account functionality is not allowed/enable/supported/etc in this case)"  or something like that.  Or alternatively suffix that new info on step 2, maybe something like  "In the Email field at the top of the page, edit the member’s email address. (it cannot be an existing account because merge functionality is not supported through this feature)"

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