Re: Glossary?

Nina E

Hi, Bill. As I mentioned in another post, I'm using Google Docs to write the documentation. I put the glossary in a document of its own to avoid duplicating it in both the owners/moderators reference doc and the members/reference doc, but then I discovered that linking between Google Docs is...less than ideal. :-(  Rest assured that Google Docs will NOT be the final repository for the official documentation. Mark and I (but mostly Mark :-) ) will work on how best to publish the documentation in PDF and online/HTML form such that the links will work.

I'm using the current help as well as a lot of info from GMF (especially the wiki) and Beta as resources for the content in the documentation, so you will see some duplication for a while. By the way, huge thanks to all of you who have contributed to those resources over the years!

- Nina

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