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Nina E

The System hashtags topic in the Owners Manual currently includes a tip about creating a system hashtag manually and applying the desired properties, but that info is general (not to mention kind of buried). The Getting Started Guide for Group Owners also mentions creating system hashtags preemptively and applying properties (see Step 8: Create some hashtags), but, again, the info is pretty general. Maybe I’ll add some examples to that topic. Of course, group owners can also educate their members about when and when not to use the Notify Members checkbox for wiki (and file and photo) changes.


All that said, I do think including such tips/workarounds in the documentation can be useful, and I’ll work on that.


Thank you for the feedback.


- Nina


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Subject: [docs] Wiki changes notifications


This came up again today and it isn't in the wiki. People want to avoid mailing messages to members whenever someone is editing the a page of the wiki. It causes unnecessary messages. There is a workaround:
Shal wrote: "A moderator can preemptively block such notices from posting to the group by creating the corresponding hashtag and setting the hashtag options. No Email will cause them to quietly post to the group's Messages, but not go out to members by email, Moderated will cause them to be held in the Pending list where you can delete them."

See this thread in GMF -

"Wiki changes generating postings and emails"





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