Suggestion: Add instructions on how to recover from change-email-addy typos


Hi Nina,

We had this occur twice in the past week or so, we may want to add the resolution to it in the User manual; specifically, Setting account preferences and viewing account information -> Setting or changing account login elements,  User PDF section 3.4.2, in the NOTES section of changing account email address.

If someone attempts to change their email address and makes a typo, all of a sudden they are stuck, their account has no longer the old email address associated with it so they are locked out of everything, and they don't realize that they can ensure they log out and log back in using the mispelled address and the same password as before, then go and correct the typo. (well, I didn't know that myself either, lol)


Something in the notes to that effect can be helpful, i.e. ensure one is logged out then log back in with the mispelled address and same password as before, go and correct the address, then continue as normally, i.e. when they receive the confirmation email to reply to it to confirm the change to the corrected address; maybe highlighted or something.  I'd suggest to make sure to add the keyword typo in that text somewhere as browser/PDF searches can find it.

Or alternatively, maybe add another subsection before Deleting your Account, possibly Account Recovery, where the solution would be described, and having a link to it in the above "Changing Email" notes; this would also allow a browser/PDF search to find Account Recovery.


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