Re: error in documentation


Henry wrote:

For the second one shouldn't it be the email address in angle

In addition, I'd strongly recommend not using [square brackets] to delimit substitution parts, as a novice may easily confuse them for part of the required syntax.

Let the words stand for themselves.

Also, the accepted form for an example domain is - it is reserved so that it will never resolve to anywhere unfortunate. Using is a mistake as that is a company's actual domain name (which, appropriately enough, hosts a whois lookup).

In this context, I don't think it is helpful to separate the invitee's email address into username and domain parts - it would be clearer to leave it together as an email address, even though the @ is a syntax part (so is the "." for that matter).

Possibly the note could also say something about substituting the invitee's actual information for "Member Name" and "username@..." - but that may be unnecessary clutter.


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