Re: User Account Documentation

Bruce Bowman

On Sun, Sep 20, 2020 at 05:15 PM, CushmanGroup wrote:
After over a year, still can not locate the page on paid account user for owner information that must include Name, Contact phone number and Address.  Standard information on any contract on internet site registration.  What is the link to that information for edit and authentication by the paid site owner .
The place to enter credit card information is at And your email address was provided when your account was established.

I have never been asked for my address or phone, but did have to enter my ZIP code. I don't understand your insistence on providing with information that they don't need.

Please post that page link, is not in any documentation on the company site.  After 3 days ZERO response from same questions to .
Are you wanting a change in the documentation? This is, after all, the docs subgroup.


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